Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual

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Workshop Schedule- Ascension Studio, OBX – July 24-25

  • Saturday 9 am Workshop Intro
  • 9:30 am – Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism with Johnny
  • 12-2 pm- Lunch and Beach break (lunch option with Shine on Juicery next door available) Beach is 3 short blocks away!
  • 2 pm Altar Creation with Sabina
  • 4 pm Private Astrological consults and Ritual Playtime
  • Sunday 10 am Ritual Essentials
  • 1 pm Lunch Break
  • 2 pm Ritual Essentials
  • 3 pm Closing Ritual
  • We will have a special lunch menu available shortly for those wish to eat next door at the Shine on Juicery. Those who wish to go somewhere else for lunch (summertime traffic will be heavy!) or bring their own are wlecome to do so. The beach is a 5- minute walk and we will have a group expedition after lunch to enjoy the ocean, collect shells or other altar items or just hang out.
  • ONLINE PARTICIPANTS – we will broadcast this workshop via Zoom and send you the link once we have received your payment. For those who can participate live for some but not all of the workshop – we will record it so you can watch the rest when you are able.

The Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual Workshop

This weekend workshop shows you the power and value of Ritual. When we need a breakthrough moment, when therapy, prayer or meditation have not brought about the life changes we desire- it’s time to call upon “the gods” to step in and really shake things up. Ritual is how we ask the gods for help, according to astrologer Caroline Casey. And whether you believe in actual gods, goddesses, the One God, angels, etc… or believe that the gods and goddesses of Mythology are representations of the various aspects of our own psyche, Ritual is one of the most powerful ways to get that energy in motion and effect dramatic changes in our lives.

Sacred Geometry priciples discovered by the ancients are applied to your astrological chart to generate a precise moment when the planets actually are “lined up” for you- creating an opportune moment -sometimes a “once in a lifetime” moment- for you to get to the heart of the matter and level-up your internal conflicts to place where the energy they generate leads to creativity and breakthroughs rather than disharmony and suffering.

Instruction on Altar building, learing the importance of clear Intention Setting, examples of different methods and techniques (fire, dance, chanting, etc….) as well as a personal consultation on your chart, your internal conflicts and your own upcoming Ritual Moments are included. Chakraology also hosts an ongoing weekly chat for sharing and support for anyone who has taken the workshop. We will also connect you with one of our Spirit Doulas who can assist you in your journey after the workshop.

Sabina Malinalli

Workshop Presenters

FB Live with Sabina and Johnny
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Johnny Barnett

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