Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism

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The days of the week, the planets of the Solar System and the gods and goddesses of Roman and Germanic mythology all share the same names. The founders of our ancient cultures understood what modern science has forgotten – that the planets that surround us represent the life forces inside of us – and they used the stories of mythology to illustrate the most powerful and important human dynamics. Chakraology re-awakens us to our fundamental essence and empowers us to consciously embrace and use these cosmic/mythological energies in our work, our relationships and our own personal search for purpose, meaning and fulfilment.
Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism is a step by step look at each Chakra and it’s astrological/mythological symbolism – giving us a clear picture of the forces we embody and an understanding of how and why we can be driven to act, feel and do. The final step leads us to synthesis and we learn the key to blending these 7 energies and becoming an empowered human.


Online presentations of “Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism” occur each Thursday at 9pm Eastern using the Zoom platform. Please register by paying in advance using VENMO or Paypal. Zoom link will be provided upon payment. Other presentations- live or online, may be scheduled for your group, business or family by emailing

Thursday classes are approximately an hour and a half long with an additional 30 minutes for questions and discussion for those who wish. Please register in advance so we have time to process your order and get you the Zoom link before class starts. No one will be admitted after 9 pm Eastern. If you miss your class you may reschedule for a different one at no cost.


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The video version was recorded live in 2013 in Austin, Texas. and runs 1 hour 23 minutes. You have the option of downloading a copy or viewing on Youtube. Once payment has been recieved you will be emailed a link to download or view.

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The book is essentially the same information as the live and online presentations and is available in paperback. You may find it on Amazon but it will cost you more so I recommend you purchase directly from Chakraology. Also available on Kindle.

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 Chakras, Mythhology and Astrological Symbolism is a 2-hour presentation which I have presented coast to coast in bookstores, at conferences and festivals, at healing centers, in private homes and in churches in dozens of cities and states throughout the US. Most live classes are now being livestreamed via Zoom as well. -JB