Continuing Education for Awakening Human Beings

– for those who thirst for understanding, meaning and purpose

The Sacred “7s” of the Chakra system, days of creation in the Bible, continents on Earth, colors of the rainbow… the 7 Seas and 7 Wonders of the ancient world, the 7 planets of Classic Western and Vedic astrology… the list goes on and on. As we take a closer look at ancient spiritual and religious traditions we see that many are based upon the same information, the same knowledge and wisdom- that Spirit “shows-up” in 7s. In other words, Spirit takes a 7-fold expression when it manifests in our material world. And the symbolism of astrology and the planetary Gods and Goddesses of mythology, rather than simply being a collection of entertaining stories, are in-depth, detailed illustrations of our Human nature, and when paired with their corresponding Chakras create a blueprint for how we are to express the divine within us while we are here on Earth.

Chakraology classes, talks, workshops and ceremonies are designed to fill the thirst for understanding, connectedness and knowledge that many of us so often experience after years of school, religious practice or just simply living life in a world of meaningless activity. When we tap into the ancient wisdom and combine it with the work of contemporary authors such as Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Joseph Campbell and others, we find life to be full of meaning and purpose. We also learn that many ancient peoples knew much more about nature, science and living than we have been led to believe and our lives become enriched beyond measure when we train our “eyes to see” the artistry behind the Human Experience.


                INTRO TO CHAKRAOLOGY


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