Astrology Classes Online

strology classes each Wednesday evening, beginning January 3, 2024. The first hour is for folks who want to learn the basics from an actual, practicing Astrologer. Signs, planets, houses, aspects, elements and what they all represent. The second hour is for anyone who wants to take a deeper dive into a certain topic such as relationships, career, karma, the Moon, etc… and see how it shows up in your astrological chart. Special discount if you sign up for both classes! Classes will be held via Zoom.

Astrology Basics for Beginners 7:00 -8:00 pm Central

Weekly Deep Dive 8:00- 9:00 pm Central

This week’s Deeep Dive we look at the SHADOW side or negative aspects of each sign. We’ll decode the wisdom contained in each of the 12 refrigerator magnets!

Class Options

Upcoming Deep DiveTopics:

1/3/24- All About the Moon

1/10/24- Relationships

1/17/24- Ruling Planets

1/24/24- Destiny, Fate, Karma

More Upcoming Topics:

Archetypes in Astrology

The Shadow Side of Each Sign

Astrology/Astronomy of The Solstice/Return of the Sun (of God) and the true meaning of Christmas

Ask The Astrologer

Aspects- What makes us tick

Quintiles and Septile Aspects – Our Superpowers and Spiritual Gifts

TransitsWhen things happen “to” us

Progressions – Major Developments In Our Lives