Chakras, Astrology and Rainbow Food Detox Retreats

Astrologer Johnny Barnett and Raw-Food Master Chef Cynthia Om present a weekend of insight, empowerment and healthy food to re-set and re-charge your body, mind and soul. The weekend includes the 2-hour class “Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism, 7 Intensives (one for each Chakra), a short astrological reading with Johnny, a presentation by Cynthia and a delicious, nutritious and invigorating infusion of juices and meals created by Cynthia and served throughout the weekend.

Our next retreat is scheduled for June 21-23 in Miami

Cynthia Om has had a passion for healing plants for over 20 years.  She is a vegan and raw food chef, health coach, detox specialist, yoga teacher, astrologer and artist. She teaches food preparation classes, makes and guides people through detoxification cleanses and helps people balance their living gut microbiome.  She loves sharing with people natural ways to boost the immune system so we can live in harmony with the natural world and not in fear of it. Follow Cynthia on Instagram @detoxmoxie and Facebook –

Johnny is an astrologer, author and intuitive and has been practicing astrology for 30+ years. His complementary studies in symbolism, mythology, religion, Jungian psychology, physics and the works of contemporary and recent thinkers such as Eckhart Tolle and Joseph Campbell serve to connect the dots of a seemingly chaotic world, showing us our magical, inspiring place within it.

Johnny currently tours the country presenting his talk called “Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism” and giving private readings. See more from Johnny on Intagram @chakraology and Facebook –