Astrological Readings

As a practicing astrologer with 25 years experience casting and reading natal charts, my readings now incorporate an added layer of insight as we are now able to discuss your life experience in terms of which Chakras may be supported or challenged.

The birthchart is your unique life-story – complete with gifts, challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. An astrological reading is designed to help you see yourself and your life situations in a way which you may not have looked at before and yet comes as no surprise. I believe we all “know” who we are and why we are here. Sometimes this knowledge is buried under layers of cultural and parental conditioning, fears and habits, or simply been ignored or forgotten. As an Astrologer, I simply help you see yourself in a clear, unbiased, non-judgmental light, allowing you to be more confident and comfortable in your life and accepting of yourself (and others).

An astrological reading is designed to help you do all of the following: make sense of the sometimes conflicting attitudes and desires we all find ourselves experiencing, 
provide perspective and reasons for the challenging periods in our lives,
 understand the inter-personal dynamics between ourselves and those people close to us such as family members and loved ones, 
come to terms with your unique gifts and challenges 
and much more.

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