Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

-C.G. Jung

What if you could harness the power of the universe to help you level-up your life situation? What if the inner turmoil that lives in you could be transformed into energy and used to help you grow into a new version of yourself? People in almost every culture throughout all of human history have used Ritual as a way to focus both their own Psyche and the forces of the Cosmos to bring about personal transformation. Priestesses, Shamans, Medicine Women and Men are the people who have dedicated their lives to discovering and working with the unseen forces that reside within us all and interact with the unseen forces that surround us. These unseen or “spiritual” forces give shape, direction and meaning to the feelings and events in our lives. The Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual combines the ancient wisdom and insight revealed in your birth-chart with Sacred Geometry principles to guide us in timing your Ritual for the precise moment when the planets will literaly be lined-up and able to promote an inner tranformation, empowering you to take the universal forces and shape them to promote your own growth of body, mind and spirit.

How It Works/What You Get

·  The first step is a 2-hour class- presented online or in person when possible- called “Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism“, which is not only an overview of the Matter/Spirit connection this is you but also an introduction to the idea of the Planets as respresenting the different Forces that work through you and having distinct needs, characteristics and liabilities as portrayed in Greek and Roman Mythology (the planets and the gods/goddesses do have the same names which of course is no coincidence!).

·  Next is a consultation with astrologer Johnny Barnett to go over your chart and identify the personal dynamic you are seeking to transform. Difficult life-situations and personality traits typically show up in our birth-charts as 2 planets “squaring” each other. Understanding the root causes of life’s difficulties as well as their Karmic basis and the essential role they play in your soul’s journey is essential to doing anything about them! Johnny will then compute the date(s) and time(s) when Ritual can be most successfully used to empower the transformation you seek. You will also receive an email with a paragraph or two describing your specific planets involved – Mars, Jupiter, The Moon, etc…., which areas of life (the Astrological Houses) these planets are most active in and guidance on how these two forces at odds with each other may find common ground.

·  Next will be a short phone consultation and collaboration with Johnny and your Ritual Guide. Johnny has teamed-up with a number of Priestesses, Ceremonialists and Shamans whose work involves creating, facilitating and leading Ceremony and Ritual for individuals and groups. Each Guide has their own specialty, areas of interest, lineage and tradition. You may chose the Ritual Guide that you feel most aligned with.

·  At this point your Ritual Guide takes over and the two of you spend time crafting a ritual that best suits your needs. Intention-setting, Altar creation, elements and objects to include on the altar, and techniques and practices (prayer, dance, chanting, fire, etc…) you may want to include in the actual Ritual will be discussed.

Once all these pieces are in place you are ready to perform your Ritual. You will decide whether you wish to have your Guide be present (either remotely or in-person) and facilitate your Ritual or if you will do your Ritual on your own. If you choose to have your Ritual Guide present she/he will have an additional fee for travel, time, etc…


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  • Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual Basic: This includes the class, astrological consultation, short consult with Johnny and your chosen Ritual Guide and an hour-long consult with your Ritual Guide – $222
  • Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual Extra: This option includes all of the above plus a remote Ritual facilitation with your Ritual Guide- $333
  • Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual In-Person: Same as the above except your Ritual Guide will come to you to lead and particiapte in your Ritual – $333+ (contact your Ritual Guide to dicuss the additional fee)

Meet our Ritual Guides

Bettina Colonna Essert, Hampton Roads, Virginia

Bettina’s work is deeply grounded in the land, roots, and healing. She is a heart healer, grid worker, energy clearer, and loves to work with Goddess archetypes, Shadow, Womb Wisdom and Women’s Mysteries… more

Kristina Marie, Maui, Hawaii

Kristina Marie is a certified functional medicine practitioner, registered nurse, ceremonialist, psychedelic integration guide, massage therapist, and therapeutic yoga instructor. Having lived her life as a spiritual seeker, she has worked with and studied many different spiritual lineages the world over- lineages from India, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii, and indigenous tribal nations of North America… more


Krystina Castleburning, Seattle, WA

Krystina is a psychospiritual alchemist who works with the transformational powers of psychedelics & sacred plant medicines — The magick of the soil and stars. She has a deep passion for helping others uncover their divine purpose and live it with joy! A session with her will often include plant medicines, apothic chocolate, elixirs, dream work, chakra work, planetary magick, tarot, & working with archetypes… more

Testimonials From Our Clients

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Please use the following options to purchase your Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual. Please include in the notes the best email to contact you and which Ritual Guide you wish to work with. We will use this email to send an intro document, a link to an intro video, to contact you to schedule your Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism class and to connect you with your Ritual Guide. Please note – if you select the “In-Person” option there will be an additional fee charged by your Ritual Guide.

Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual- 1st Part w/ Johnny Barnett $111 –

Includes Class and Private Reading w/Johnny

Astro/Sacred Geometry Ritual