Astrological Readings

Johnny Barnett has been studying and practicing astrology for over 30 years. His unique perspective is based upon the ancient understanding of the 7 Chakras in the body being directly related to the 7 visible “planets” in the sky – as above, so below. Thus your astrological birth chart is a literal picture of your spiritual/energetic system – your Chakras.

The birthchart is your unique life-story – complete with gifts, challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. An astrological reading is designed to help you see yourself and your life situations in a way which you may not have looked at before and yet comes as no surprise. I believe we all “know” who we are and why we are here. Sometimes this knowledge is buried under layers of cultural and parental conditioning, fears and habits, or simply been ignored or forgotten.

As an Astrologer, I simply help you see yourself in a clear, unbiased, non-judgmental light, allowing you to be more confident and comfortable in your life and accepting of yourself (and others).

Please contact Johnny with any questions:

What We Can Discuss in Your Reading

  • Relationships and Compatibility
  • Career
  • Purpose
  • Karma
  • Sources of Inner Turmoil (and how to harness their power)
  • Talents and Strengths you were born with
  • Family Dynamics
  • Where to live/move
  • Timing for Moves/Career Changes/Relationship Changes
  • Your Soul’s Agenda (vs. your Ego’s Agenda)

What You May Gain From a Reading

  • Validation
  • A Sense of Purpose
  • Empowerment – rather than being pidgeonholed as some astrologers will do, you will find a reading with Johnny to be empowering – encouraging you to embrace your unique gifts and purpose with confidence.
  • Understanding of your Parents/Children/Spouse
  • Context for the Struggles you have or are going through
  • PERSPECTIVE!!!!!! – there is an entire dimension of life that has been ignored, dismissed and/or denied by church and science for the last several hunderd years, leaving most of us without any effective or meaningful guidance for when times get rough. Astrology literally fillls in the missing pieces for you, allowing you to make sense of what is going on in your life and proceed with confidence and faith.

Reading Types and Prices

  • Initial Readings are recommended for first-time astrology clients. This allows time for us to connect, for me to share what is most important and for you to get your issues addressed without feeling rushed. One hour is typically enough. An hour and a half is for those who have multiple issues to discuss, a high interest in gaining a deeper understanding of Astrological principles, or prefer to do most of the talking (typically Gemini Sun or Rising, Sun conjunct Mercury, etc..)
  • Follow-up Readings are for previous clients who wish to re-visit a previous reading or have something new to discuss
  • Short Readings are for those who have a basic understanding of Astrology already and have a very specific issue that needs looking into
  • Quickies are for those who want a fast answer -tyopically those with previous astrological knowledge and are seeking confirmation, valildation or 2nd opinions.
  • NEW Chakra Checkup – a short, 20-minute look specifically at each Chakra as it appears in your chart
  • New Moon/Full Moon Readings – more info
  • Once your payment has been made you will be sent a confirmation email and we will set a time. I am typically available at various times throughout any day or night of the week unless traveling or teaching.