New Moon Readings/Full Moon Magic

This Month – February 9, 10, 11 & 12

Did you know- each Month you get a New Moon in a different area of Life- Health, Career, Partnership, etc…represented by the different parts or Houses of your astrological chart? Sometimes there is another planet involved – Jupiter, Venus, etc… adding more flavor to your monthly mix. It’s pretty complex which is one good reason to have an astrologer who knows this stuff and can explain it to you in simple, easy to understand words. A New Moon Reading is a short, 15- minute conversation with astrologer Johnny Barnett who will look at your chart and let you know what areas of life are being highlighted during the month. And not only does the New Moon set the stage but the Full Moon that follows 2 weeks later shows where the Magic will show up! And it shows up in a completely different area of your Life than the New Moon. It’s a 2-part process that happens to us every Month (or Moonth-the word “Month” comes from the word “Moon”). Now you can get a handle on it, see big stuff coming ahead of time, get yourself into the flow and start to become an active part of the Magic that is happening all around you!

Details * Prices * Options

You can choose one New Moon Reading whenever you feel the urge or sign up for 6 or 12 Months of readings and get a discount. New Moon Readings can be scheduled from the beginning of each New Moon (see dates below) until 3 1/2 days after- the New Moon phase- when intention-setting is most potent. Each 15-minute reading will cover the New Moon’s house position in your own chart as well as any other features in your chart that may be involved – other planets, your Ascendant, etc… And – the same info for the Full Moon approximatley 2 weeks later. The seeds we plant or the intentions we set at the New Moon give us something to celebrate at the Full! The areas of Life being emphasized each month by both the New and Full Moons is different for everyone and changes from Month to Month. This is like having a personal astrological reading that focuses specifically on the Moon cycle and how it is impacting you once a month. You simply cannot get this info in a book or online.

Readings can be conducted on the phone or via Zoom. Audio reports are possible but not ideal and will include an additional fee. A live reading allows you to engage your own creativity and guide the conversation so you get as much out of it as you can. Once you purchase a reading below you will be directed to a calendar to schedule your Reading and given the option to email your birth info ahead of time.

These readings are designed for people who know their exact birth-time. If you do not know yours we can still proceed but will be unable to pinpoint the different areas of life so it will of some value but not the full experience.

Paypal is easiest (below) but if you prefer to pay another way you may use Venmo – @jjjjohnny
or contact to make other arrangements.

Once your payment is made via paypal you will be re-directed to the calendar to schedule your reading.

Single or Multiple Readings

Upcoming New Moons 2024 (usa central time zone)

  • February 9
  • March 10
  • April 8
  • May 7
  • June 6