The Chakra Workshop is designed for all who wish to dive deeper into an understanding of how Human Beings are put together energetically – the spiritual foundation that creates and informs the physical reality we see every day. Drawing from esoteric yet self-evident wisdom of Spirit, Energy and Planetary influences, the workshop opens on Friday night with the 2-hour presentation of “Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism” – a look at the Chakra System and how the Chakras work together to define our purpose. Saturday is a full day covering “Advanced Chakraology” classes – 1 hour on each Chakra- going even deeper into the particulars of each with teaching, discussion, mantras and meditations to solidify our experience of our 7 energy centers. Sunday is the chance to apply our new understanding as we take a look at each participant’s astrology-chart and learn as a group how each of us is “wired” differently to express personal apsects of Spiritual energy in this lifetime. Time for group discussion and Q&A is also included throughout Saturday and Sunday’s schedule.

The Friday night talk – “Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism” is required for participation in the Saturday and Sunday portion of the workshop, as it is the foundation for the entire body of work. Those who have previously attended this talk are welcome to skip Friday night or join for a refresher.