After 6 years of teaching and many more of  reading charts I am finally getting around to asking for testimonials! Looking forward to filling this page up soon. To add your testimonial please email info@chakraology.org
– JB

I learned more about myself in this one weekend then I have learned in 10 years of personal growth training, meditation and reading spiritual books on my own… Continue Reading

Lita Austin, TX

In every workshop I look for information, inspiration and tools. There’s extra of all three in this class! Continue Reading

Angela Sarasota, FL

Johnny Barnett has connected the dots to the great mystery humans have been contemplating for ages… Continue Reading

David Sarasota, FL

I went to his talk, “Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism” and was mind blown throughout its entirety! Continue Reading

Zenaida -Miami, FL

After this workshop, my life, since birth all of a sudden made sense. Continue Reading

Niurka -Miami, FL