Testimonial for Chakra Workshop

I did not know what to expect when I signed up for the Chakrology Workshop but it was recommended by a trusted friend so I jumped in blind. I was familiar with chakras and familiar with astrology but had never heard of the two combined. I was intrigued to so I signed up for the introductory class and was very quickly fascinated by the knowledge Johnny was sharing that evening. His breadth of knowledge spans centuries of collected wisdom. I learned more about myself in this one weekend then I have learned in 10 years of personal growth training, meditation and reading spiritual books on my own.

Johnny is a natural facilitator and knows how to adapt the presentation and customize it for each different audience. He gave us each a copy of our astrological chart and I loved how he Incorporated our individual charts into the discussion. This made it very impactful as we went through each chakra step by step and could apply the information directly to our own life based on our own chart.

I have never been to a presentation like this and I’m already planning on bringing four of my closest friends with me next time Johnny is in Austin. It is a unique and life-changing weekend. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new way to approach themselves and their spiritual journey.

Lita Austin, TX