Testimonial for Chakra Workshop

My name is Niurka and I was fortunate to attend Johnny’s Chakraology workshop in March 2017 at Bagua Center. I have to say that learning the intricacies of each Chakra and how they function and how they are all related to the universe and the elements was fascinating to me. And how each of the Chakras affect our body in our daily lives was On Point. Johnny takes the time to explain each Chakra in such details. The icing on the cake was having my Birth chart prepared and explained in details. After this workshop, my life, since birth all of a sudden made sense. It made sense why my entire life, I’ve been surrounded by Aries and Capricorns.I found out which zodiac sign my Sun and Moon rises in. the entire workshop was amazing. Everyone needs to attend thisĀ  amazing workshop. Thank you Johnny.

Niurka -Miami, FL