Pancakes With The Astrologer

Delicious, Nutritious, Super-Food topped, Gluten- Free Buckwheat Cakes served with a generous helping of Astrological insight!

Astrologer Johnny Barnett whips up an amazingly delicious stack of pancakes and then sits down with you and your friends/family for 2 hours of high-vibration, homestyle cuisine and astrological conversation on your astrological chart and chakra system, concerns and hopes for the future, and more. (butter by request)

In addition to Astrology, one of Johnny Barnett’s great passions is pancakes. And these aren’t your momma’s pancakes cakes either. Buckwheat is a gluten-free grain full of amino acids and flavor. Made from scratch with all vegan ingredients and topped with maca root, cacao nibs, goji berries, blueberries, pecans, ghee and honey these cakes will satisfy and sustain you without the bloated feeling you get from fluffy, wheat cakes.

Ideal for couples, families or groups of friends who want to know more about each other and how you connect.You provide the kitchen, plates, cups and forks and Johnny provides the rest – cooking in your kitchen on his cast-iron griddle.  Once breakfast is ready you all sit down with Johnny to eat and discuss your charts – Sun signs, Moon signs, Rising signs, and how you and your friends or family relate astrologically.

Tea and herbal coffee sustitute with chickory and ashwagandha is also included as these drinks help promote philosophical thinking:)  And these cakes will wake you up just as good if not better than your regular coffee!