Online Classes Series – Summer 2020

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Chakras, Mythology and Astrological Symbolism is now being offered online in small, short, easily digestible bits –one Chakra at a time. Pick and choose which Chakra or Chakras you’d like to learn about or sign up for the whole package and get them all at a discount!


Each online class is offered in the spirit of the “Gift Economy”. If you are unable or prefer not to pay the regular price ($10.00) you are encouraged to donate any amount or attend for “free” with the understanding that as this class is gifted to you, you will in turn gift another with whatevery you may have to offer – your skills, your time, your money, etc… when an opportunity presents itself in the future. Gift Economy is an traditional style of economics which works a a compliment to capitalism to allow trade when actual money is scarce.

Online classes will be offered 3 times spread throughout each day so as to accomodate different schedules and time zones and will consist of 20 minutes of teaching/learning followed by Q & A and discussion up to an hour afterwards. The first 5 to sign up for any class will be given the opportunity to have their own Chakra viewed astrologically and commented upon as class examples.

Those who sign up for the entire series and those who singly participate in all 7 classes will be eligible to attend the 8th part of the series free. The 8th class  is where we tie it all together and see the complete picture of our energy system and how it is designed to work as a whole rather than as 7 seperate pieces.


Complete Schedule Now On Eventbrite

Class times will be staggered so as to make each of the 7 available multiple days and at different times of day. Should you find yourself unable to attend a certain class one week- not to worry, it will be offered again and again. If your schedule doesn’t fit any times given please contact Chakraology to see if we can make alternate arrangements –

  • 6/29-Brow Chakra
  • 6/30- Root Chakra
  • 7/1- Throat Chakra
  • 7/2- Crown Chakra
  • 7/7 – Root Chakra
  • 7/8- Sacral Chakra
  • 7/9- Crown Chakra

Visit the Chakraology page on Eventbrite to see times and register for classes

New schedule posted weekly. Classes will be done via Zoom. If you are one of the first 5 to sign up for any class you will be given the opportunity to have Johnny review and comment on your specific Chakra/Planet – please use a good email when signing up via Paypal in order to receive this invitation and instructions on how to easily generate and provide your birth-chart.

A free video presentation of the Root Chakra/Mars is available on Youtube

ALL 8 CLASSES- $50 (save $20)

You may view each of the 7 classes at anytime, in any order.

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Visit the Chakraology page on Eventbrite to see times and register for all classes