Private Astrological Readings


An in-depth look at your own chart and how it describes the strenghts, challenges, gifts and potentials you have been given to work with in this life. Topics covered include-Love, Money, Sex, Relationships, Career, Children, Family Dynamics, Creative Expression, Spirituality, Karma, Life-purpose, Destiny and more.

New Moon/Full Moon Guide

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Each month Johnny offers his astrological insights with a video report. These reports are delivered at the New Moon to get you “keyed in” to the new energies as they begin each “Moonth”. The Monthy report is free and Subscribers will receive an additional feature – a short and simple personalized New Moon/Full Moon Guide for each month telling you which astrological houses the New and Full Moons are occuring in – in your own chart! Each year we typically receive one New Moon and one Full Moon in each of our astrological houses. Is this a good month to focus on Career? Relationships? Money? Health?. Each of us has our own timing throughout the year and subscribers will be able to see how each New Moon’s energy is best directed in their own lives. 12-Month purchasers are also invited to “attend” the live recordings of each month’s  New Moon Report and contribute questions/comments.
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Monthly Astro-Party Livestream

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Each month join/view Johnny and other guests such as yourself for a live discussion of 1 of the 12 astrological signs. These live, online parties give you a chance to ask questions and share insights about your own experience as a Scorpio/Aquarius/Virgo etc….Astro-Party Livestreams are recorded for those unable to attend in person. Those with Sun, Moon, Rising, Ruling Planet or other emphasis in the month’s Sign, as well as those with spouses, children and significant others with emphasis in that month’s sign are encouraged to join.
Subscribers to the Super Chakra Package Deal will have their questions answered first at the Astro-Party of their choice

Chakra Party Livestream


Scheduled throughout the year, we have Chakra- Party Livestreams with discussion and questions for each of the 7 Chakras – Heart, Brow, Root, Solar-Plexus, Sacrum, Throat and Crown. Similar to the Monthly Astro-Party, you may join in the discussion online and/or watch the recordings at any time if you are unable to attend.
Subscribers to the Super Chakra Package Deal will have their questions answered first at the Chakra-Party of their choice.

Super Chakra Package Deal!


You get all of the above wrapped into 1 big, specially-priced package!

3 Astrological readings per year
12 Month New Moon/Full Moon Guide subscription
1 Astro-Party Livestream preferred “seating”
1 Chakra-Party Livestream preferred “seating”